Knowledge Management Crash Course

Carla O’Dell at APQC has given us a superb crash course on what in her experience works (and doesn’t work) in the world of knowledge management. Her KM Overview should be required reading for all knowledge managers. The key seven lessons she covers are:

1. Secure Senior Management Support for KM by building a strong business case
2. Move beyond “Knowledge for Knowledge’s Sake”
3. Determine What Knowledge is Critical
4. Knowledge is sticky
5. If You Build It, They Will Not Necessarily Come
6. Focus on breaking down structural barriers to the flow of knowledge between people who have it and those who need it–not changing the “culture.”
7. Measure

This overview contains enough meat that it’s definitely worth a read and probably many more blog posts. It will give you plenty to chew on — whether your experience matches hers or not.

[Thanks to Stan Garfield’s Weekly Knowledge Management Blog for pointing out this great resource.]

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