The Customer is ALWAYS Right

At a recent gathering of law firm knowledge managers, I was told that I could make their lives easier by enabling subscription by e-mail to Above and Beyond KM. To be honest, until that point I had mistakenly assumed that nearly everyone in this social media savvy crowd had migrated to RSS readers. Therefore, I hadn’t bothered to set up e-mail subscriptions when I first launched this blog. I should have known better.

Lawyers live in Outlook. And, despite expert advice discouraging the practice, many treat their Outlook Inbox as their To Do list. If you don’t make it onto that list, you get ignored. While acknowledging the shortcomings of e-mail, some have made impressive strides in finding more inventive and efficient ways to use (and misuse) the tool. Clearly, if I was going to reach readers who either loved their e-mail or couldn’t overcome inertia sufficiently to deal with RSS, this Mohammed was going to have to go to the mountain. So as of last weekend, you’ll find in the right-hand column a quick and easy way of subscribing to this blog by e-mail.

Ask and you shall receive — because you’re the customer, and the customer is always right.

One thought on “The Customer is ALWAYS Right

  1. I have never regretted signing up for Feedburner.The e-mail list looks great and requires minimal effort on the part of the blogger. Good job!I’m re-sharing this article on Google Reader (and FriendFeed) as I do many of your writeups.

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