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Dr. David Vaine has done it again! In his video address to the actKM Conference, he gave an illuminating overview of the scope and benefits of Minimal Impact KM. In the process, he recognized the seminal work of “Dennis Snowden” in giving knowledge managers the excuse of complexity to explain inaction and “David Greenteen” for encouraging people with clear ideas to talk themselves into a tangle of confusion and inactivity.

For those of you who may not be up on the latest trends in knowledge management theory, minimal impact KM touts the benefits of doing a great deal without in any way affecting the work lives of your colleagues or the results of your enterprise. (This reminds me of a brillant Dilbert observation: We have achieved unprecedented levels of unverifiable productivity.)

Dr. Vaine identifies several proven methods of achieving minimal impact KM:

– depreciative inquiry
– social network paralysis
– corporate flogging
– six stigma

As you come up to budget season and are preparing proposals for your law firm knowledge management programs for the upcoming year, give some thought to whether you qualify as a leader in the area of minimal impact KM. If you do, what are you going to do about it?

[Thanks to Dave Snowden for pointing out this masterpiece by Dr. Vaine. And, thanks especially to Patrick Lambe for keeping us honest.]

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  1. Thanks! This video is great! I showed it to some colleagues and twittered it as well. And I would probably have missed it if not for your blog.

  2. You’re most welcome, Mireille. If you liked this video, you should check out the other Dr. Vaine videos. There are lots of gems in that collection.Enjoy!- Mary

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