How We Manage Junk

A person stuck in KM1.0 spends much of their time maintaining their various content repositories.  Unfortunately, it can be hard to keep up with those maintenance tasks.  And if you fall behind, it becomes increasingly difficult to retrieve your content — even if that content is pure gold.  If you have dross mixed in with the gold and you’re not a diligent housekeeper, then you have a real mess on your hands.

If you spend too much time with database-loving people, it becomes far too easy to think of those repositories in clinical terms, as if they were pristine, properly structured and well-maintained.  However, that doesn’t reflect reality and it doesn’t reflect how most of us interact with information.  So I thought I might provide three alternative views of your content organizational scheme:
The Junk Yard:

[Photo Credit:  sigma, Creative Commons license]

The Junk Shop:

















[Photo Credit:  hortulus, Creative Commons license]



Vintage Chic:






[Photo Credit:  Tammy Manet, Creative Commons license]

Which is your reality?  Do you need to do anything about it?

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