Confessions of a Corporate Matchmaker

Regardless of official job descriptions and titles, one of the most important functions knowledge management performs is that of corporate matchmaker. The matches KM makes are often transitory, but can be very important in the moment. If you’re looking for advice, we find you an expert. If you’re looking for an example, we find you a precedent. If you’re looking for a community, we can put you in touch with like-minded people.  Occasionally we get it right and provide technology that allows you to do some of this for yourself.  But, inevitably, there will come a point at which you’ll need a person to help you locate and sort through your available choices.  That’s when it helps to have a knowledgeable matchmaker.

As the economy has worsened, there’s been some talk about eliminating “nice to have” functions such as KM.  Think again.  Without good matchmakers, it’s hard to have good matches.  Without good matches, it’s hard to have much productivity.


[Photo Credit:  Laura Appleyard]

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