Learn from the E2.0 Vanguard – Bonus Material

Here are my notes from the first session of the Enterprise 2.o Black Belt Workshop: Learn from the Vanguard


  • Megan Murray, Community Manager/Project Coordinator, Booz Allen Hamilton @MeganMurray
  • Jamie Pappas, E2.0 & Social Media Strategist, Evangelist, and Community Manager, EMC Corp @JamiePappas
  • Rawn Shah, Social Software Practices Lead, IBM @Rawn


[These are my quick notes, complete with  (what I hope is no more than) the occasional typo and grammatical error.  Please excuse those. Thanks!

From time to time, I’ll insert my own editorial comments – exercising the prerogatives of the blogger.  I’ll show those in brackets. ]

Exercise:  Doing a SWOT Analysis for Putting an E2.0 Plan Together

(This is for a hypothetical company)

  • Strengths
    • Executive sponsorship
    • Ability to address pain points successfully
    • Early adopters and grassroots support
    • Highly mobile, dispersed workforce
    • Organizational flexibility
    • A tightly organized company can also be good if it can encourage widespread adoption
    • A clear corporate strategy
    • Decent IT is in place
    • Mature business processes [can also be a weakness]
  • Weaknesses
    • Organizational culture focused on proprietary information
    • Working across multiple languages and geographies
    • Bridging multiple silos [both a weakness and an opportunity]
    • Obstinate managers/execs
    • Not understanding the possibilities
    • Low level of participation is misunderstood
    • Fear of change
    • Fear of information overload
    • An organization that is used to structured data may have trouble grappling with unstructured data
  • Opportunities
    • Crowdsourcing ideas
    • Cross-pollinating ideas across the organization
    • Bridging multiple silos
    • Creating loose ties that lead to useful relationships
    • Opportunity to bring your great external marketing to an internal audience
    • Enthusiasm of the employees
    • Collective intelligence leads to new business opportunities
    • Organization has the ability to better align IT resources to user needs
    • Keeping up [and exceeding] the Joneses
  • Threats
    • Resistant middle managers who don’t want to participate
    • Legacy applications and processes
    • “I want to do it my way”
    • Inability to scale and support growing use
    • Legal issues
    • Privacy issues
    • Competing initiatives
    • Competing vendor offerings
    • High use expectations
    • Fear of transparency / fear of being open
    • Handling inevitable organization change resulting from E2.0 use.

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