The Human Network @ Work

Keynote by Murali Sitaram and Jim Grubb of Cisco


[These are my quick notes, complete with  (what I hope is no more than) the occasional typo and grammatical error.  Please excuse those. Thanks!

From time to time, I’ll insert my own editorial comments – exercising the prerogatives of the blogger.  I’ll show those in brackets. ]


  • Bringing poeple together through collaborative platforms is what CISCO calls the human network @ work.
    • Powered by the People
    • Constantly Evolving
    • It is Enterprise-wide
    • It extends beyond corporate boundaries to external partners
  • [Demo of CISCO Quad]
  • They are planning on having as many community spaces in Quad as there are mailing lists within the org
  • Includes an activity stream, unified message, calendar widget, profiling tool, one-click WebEx session start [of course!], allows microblogging updates that can be posted internally and externally.
    • They set some system wide limitations so, for example, there are no forbidden external communications that would contravene Federal securities laws.
  • When a phone call comes in, you can trigger a profile screen on the caller that includes org structure and reporting structure
  • Unified Communication
    • They have Unified Communication that provide internal information and integrates with external search as well
    • It integrates thousands of community spaces
    • They can automatically transcribe video so that it is searchable — allowing word search within the video.  They call this MediaNote.
    • They also transcode this so it is accessible via any device (e.g., handheld, TV)
    • Allows expertise location and immediate IM experience with the expert you’ve just located.
  • The platform respects organizational policy and security
  • The iPad and iPhone will support CISCO Quad
  • They claim that Quad will let you deliver any info to any device at any time

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