Are You a Professional?

Who’s the professional on your team?  To answer that question you need to forget about titles, academic credentials and longevity.  In What it Means to be a Professional, Greg Satell suggests an interesting definition of a true professional:  “Professionals solve more problems than they create.”

Now think about yourself and the members of your team.  Who consistently moves things forward in a manner that doesn’t cause unnecessary waves?  Who has a bent for helpful innovation? Who is completely focused on the client rather than on self-promotion? Who continues to educate themselves so that they stay at the top of their game? Who takes their commitment to their chosen profession seriously enough to meet and exceed expected standards of professional behavior?

Greg Satell takes all of this further:

True professionals, however, look to solve problems.  They want to help people, seek out “win-win” situations and are willing to shoulder the burden when things go wrong.  Their self worth is defined by what they do for others, not what they can do to them and get away with.

So who’s the professional on your team?  Are you?

[Photo Credit: thinkpublic]

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