Keynote: Jeff Schick and Wim de Gier #e2conf

Jeff Schick (Vice-President, IBM Social Software) is one of the creators of IBM Connections. Wim de Gier is Senior Global Project Manager, Corporate Strategy and Development, LeasePlan Corporation.

[These are my notes from the Enterprise 2.0 Conference 2012 in Boston. Since I’m publishing them as soon as possible after the end of a session, they may contain the occasional typographical or grammatical error. Please excuse those. To the extent I’ve made any editorial comments, I’ve shown those in brackets.]


  • The Corporate Brain As we expand social networking within the enterprise, we actually “grow” the corporate brain. As the network becomes smarter, individuals have access to the information they need to work better.
  • Challenges of E2.0 for an International Company. In an international company, you have to accommodate cultural differences, skepticism and language barriers. Further, transparency won’t happen overnight. It requires a shift in corporate culture over time.
  • Start with the Work. Rather than worrying about how to blog, focus on how to use the social technology to do your work better. In other words, can it answer the questions you have? Can it connect you easily to the experts you need? Can it accommodate your task list and projects?
  • Adoption. LeasePlan had a defined rollout plan. This included lots of explanatory material. They have support staff that walk the floors to help introduce the social technology and to help people get started.

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