The 2012 Blawggie Awards

Best Actress Academy Awards Dennis Kennedy has just published the 2012 Blawggie Awards, which he describes as his “personal and highly-opinionated perspective” on the best law-related blogs of the year.  These awards are a public service that he has cheerfully rendered since December 2004.  In reading his awards posts over the years, you will inevitably discover a writer (or several writers) that you want to follow.

This post is my thank you to Dennis for including Above and Beyond KM in his 2012 list of noteworthy blogs.  When Dennis paid me a similar compliment in my first year of blogging, it was a wonderful form of encouragement for a novice discovering the wild (and slightly daunting) world of legal blogging.  Now that I have several years of blogging under my belt, the inclusion of my blog in Dennis’ 2012 list is even more welcome. The reality is that it takes a fair amount of effort to mount a solo blog year after year. While I doubt most of us write to win awards or commendations, I must admit they are awfully nice!

Dennis is a blogging veteran who has experienced and written about “The `Unbearable’ Everydayness of Blogging“. For those of us treading the same road, it is a real gift to have him reach out and shine a light on our efforts. On behalf of myself and all the other legal bloggers you’ve supported over the years, I thank you, Dennis.

[Photo Credit: Cliff]

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