Canadian, Please (#CLawBies2012)

Every December the good folks at Stem Legal encourage bloggers to promote the many fabulous Canadian law blogs that are now available. And this year is no exception: a quick look at the #Clawbies2012 Twitter hashtag reveals some worthy additions for your RSS feedreader. As a Canadian living in the United States, it’s my great pleasure to do my part for this commendable effort. So I’m offering my nominations for the 2012 CLawBies awards based on blog posts regarding one of my favorite topics — social media and the law:

I’d encourage you to check out these blogs, as well as other blogs listed on the website. In addition, check out the Canadian, Please video I’ve posted above (make sure you turn on the captions!). Once you’ve finished both exercises, you might understand better why Andrew Gunadie and Julia Bentley claim in the video, “I know that you wanna be Canadian.”



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