Looking for Mr. Wonderful

Have you met Mr. Wonderful?

He’s memorable because he says the most amazing things. Here’s a sampling:

“Actually, I’m not sure which way to go. I’ll turn in here and ask directions.”

“Here, you take the remote. As long as I’m with you, I don’t care what we watch.”

“You know, honey, why don’t you just relax and let me make dinner tonight?”

“Awww, can’t your mother stay another week?”

“The ball game really isn’t that important. I’d rather spend time with you.”

“Let’s just cuddle tonight.”

In case you’re wondering, Mr. Wonderful* is not a living, breathing human male. He’s a little stuffed toy containing a recording that is triggered by touch; all you have to do is give his chest a squeeze.

Here’s how the tag on the doll describes him:

Mr. Wonderful. He says all the right things!

Mr. Wonderful has been carefully developed with today’s modern woman in mind. He is complete with good looks, sense of style, sensitivity, charm, and is genuinely sincere. The perfect gift for any woman, whether single or married!

As I was putting Mr. Wonderful through his paces the other day (to gales of laughter from everyone in the room), I found myself thinking that knowledge management personnel have their own version of Ms. or Mr. Wonderful. If I were to build such a toy, here are some of the things the doll might say:

“I’d love to contribute to the knowledge base. How much content would you like from me?”

“Shift my knowledge transfers from closed email exchanges to open wikis or blogs? Of course! Why didn’t I think of that?”

“Try something new? I’d love to!”

“Can you work with me to train my team on effective personal knowledge management?”

“I’d like to lead by example when it comes to knowledge management. What I can do to have the greatest positive impact?”

Do you have anyone in your organization saying these things or is it still only the stuff of your dreams?

The challenge now for all of us is to translate fantasy into reality.

Here’s a video of a bigger, chattier version of Mr. Wonderful:


*Disclosure: This link is through my Amazon affiliate account and may generate income to me.

5 thoughts on “Looking for Mr. Wonderful

  1. Mary, I really enjoyed this post. I agree we all need a Mr./Ms Wonderful. To my great delight I have some features of a Mr/Ms Wonderful on my team. We still have a ways to go – but getting there. I do like how your comments / quotes really cover the gambit of issues.

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