The Silver Lining of a Virtual Conference #KMWorld


We’ve all experienced many losses this year. While we have done our best to create moments that matter via video conference rooms and chat, we know it is not quite the same thing as being together in a shared physical space. But take heart. In this year of loss, I’m here to tell you about one particular silver lining.

Last month, the organizers of the KMWorld Conference hosted a remarkably successful gathering, KMWorld 2020 Connect. Although we could not be together physically, we were able to attend a wonderful array of educational sessions and interact with an even more wonderful array of attendees virtually. I attended several of these sessions and made my notes available to you on this blog. However, given my lack of a personal clone (or three), I could not attend all the sessions that interested me.

This is where the silver lining appears: every public session of the conference was recorded. Better still, anyone who registered for the conference has access to these recordings until March 1, 2021. This means that I can now fill in the gaps in my reporting by revisiting sessions I previously attended but could not blog at the time. In addition, I can now attend sessions I could not attend earlier. Of course, this also means that there may well be a few more KMWorld blog posts here!

I’m looking forward to learning more from the knowledgeable speakers at KMWorld 2020 Connect. I hope you’ll ride along with me.

An offer to my readers: Take a look at the conference schedule and let me know if there is a particular session you would like to learn more about. If there is sufficient interest (and the topic is reasonably within my wheelhouse so that my notes are likely to be useful), I’ll attend the session and post my notes here. (NOTE: this offer is available only for sessions on November 16-19.)

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