Find the Next Wave

How good is your knowledge management department at surfing?

The constant bad news about the recession and its impact on law firms has been sobering.  The headlines about retrenchment, reductions, right-sizing could lead one to believe that all we have is monolithic doom and gloom.  However, have you taken the time to look behind those headlines to see how your firm is really doing?  Is every single practice out of work?  Doubtful.  Are all your clients retrenching? I suspect not. So, how have you adjusted your knowledge management strategy to address the new realities within your law firm?  Have you ramped up efforts for your bankruptcy practice?  Are you providing up to the minute support for regulatory practices that seem to be changing daily?  Are you spending more time recruiting lawyers in slower practices to use their new found time to update existing practice resources?

If the recession has had a varying impact on the different parts of your firm, is that reflected in your law firm knowledge management program?  If not, why not?  It does no good to stay on the shore and complain about changing weather conditions.  If you want to keep surfing, you have to find the next wave.

[Photo Credit:  Michael Dawes]

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