Andrew McAfee Keynote: The State of Enterprise 2.0

Andrew McAfee, Principal Research Scientist, Center for Digital Business, MIT Sloan School of Management.


[These are my quick notes, complete with  (what I hope is no more than) the occasional typo and grammatical error.  Please excuse those. Thanks!

From time to time, I’ll insert my own editorial comments – exercising the prerogatives of the blogger.  I’ll show those in brackets. ]


  • The State of the Art
    • Citing various analysts and consults who assure us that E2.0 is heating up
  • Four Tensions of E2.0
    • What’s the goal of the effort? Are you trying to build a “Cargo Cult” or .Infrastructure?
      • Are you going through the motions or are you really ttrying to transform how you work? Are you just deploying disparate tools and hoping that abundance will come?  However, if you really wantall the benefits, you have to build the infrastructure to  support the new way of working.
    • Are you focused on the Inner or Outer Rings? (Strong ties, weak ties or potential ties) Historically, we have focused our effort on building on strong ties, ignoring the vast opportunity available with our potential and weak ties. New technology now can help change this.
    • Direction: HiPPO or Superorganism? (HiPPO = highest paid person in the org OR highest paid person’s opinion).
      • New approach is superorganism such as an ant colony. (See E.O. Wilson on this.)  Their ways of interacting are the polar opposit of the typical org chart.  Yet they are tremendously effective.
    • Assumption: Stability or Flux?  We used to focus on standardization.  Now we need to focus on flexibility and dynamism – in the right context. You don’t want too much fluidity when it comes to your surgery or how your car is built.  You do want fluidity in the way people interact with each other and with information.

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