SONY Keynote: Going Social With SharePoint

James Whitmoyer, Business Applications Manager, Sony

Title:  Going Social with SharePoint at Sony


[These are my quick notes, complete with  (what I hope is no more than) the occasional typo and grammatical error.  Please excuse those. Thanks!

From time to time, I’ll insert my own editorial comments – exercising the prerogatives of the blogger.  I’ll show those in brackets. ]


  • Initial focus of this presentation was on the external social media efforts.
  • How do they bring social media internally?  Marketing to employees is similar to marketing to customers?
  • He noted that they are using SharePoint, but it doesn’t look like SharePoint.
  • They use My Sites as a way for employees to build their own brand within Sony
  • Use Office Communicator with presence to connect employees while reducing e-mail.
  • They encourage people to create “My Sites” by featuring best pictures from individual My Sites on a central site called “Sony Source.”
  • They are encourage every employee to blog.  They search through My Sites to find and promote interesting blogs.  Many employees are blogging about work-related content rather than leisure activities.
  • They have included an activity stream via SP 2010. This is a more effective way for teams to be in touch – they prefer it to e-mail.
  • They encourage employees to build their own brand
  • They have a virtual org chart that shows where everyone sits in the food chain and other colleagues who might be able to help. This has led to a huge improvement in responding to queries.
  • Why does this matter?
  • Externally, this provides a better way to reach customers where they spend their time
  • Internally it reflects how people live in their private lives.  Therefore, it improves personal productivity.

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