Counting Pennies

Spare PenniesIs your firm or law department still counting its pennies? Or is your firm or company so optimistic about its prospects that you’ve been given a large budget to spend freely on knowledge and information management projects?

The headlines in the legal technology press often feature impressive, state of the art, large-budget projects. However, what if you don’t have a large budget? What if your firm is maintaining a tight control on costs? How do you undertake effective KM and IM projects?

At this summer’s ILTA Conference, we’re hoping to provide practical advice and real life examples of law firms and law departments that have found frugal ways to meet ambitious KM/IM goals. To that end, we’re looking for legal technologists who have implemented successful and cost-effective KM/IM programs. Specifically, we’re looking for legal technologists who have done so using free or very inexpensive resources. Perhaps they have found helpful open source software. Perhaps they have found a way to partner with vendors, clients or business partners to reduce or share costs. Perhaps they have found ways to use standard law firm tools like Microsoft Office to improve their KM/IM activities. Perhaps they have taken basic steps like creating a firm-wide taxonomy or ensuring that information flows smoothly without unnecessary duplication of effort.

If you are a successful frugal innovator or know someone who is, please let me know.  We’d love to hear your stories and learn from your success.

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2 thoughts on “Counting Pennies

  1. Mary – great topic!I'd be v.interested in hearing about any examples of 'wikipedia-like' solutions – where info/KM professionals have set up topic-based (wiki) pages that can manage the flow of internal and external news, current awareness, feeds (etc) using Yahoo Pipes, RSS, Twitter feeds and/or other low-cost 2.0 tech.Or does this still only exist as one of my wireframes? Someone somewhere must have delivered this dream by now?I look forward to hearing the stories at your talk!Kate

    1. Thanks, Kate. Given the economic difficulties facing the legal industry,
      I'm assuming that many firms have examined (or soon will be examining) more
      low-cost KM/IM options. I know of a few firms that have developed very
      successful intranets based on wiki technology. However, I don't believe the
      software they used was open source or inexpensive. Nonetheless, you're
      right that some of the Enterprise 2.0 tools are relatively inexpensive and
      allow for a wider range of user-generated content.

      – Mary

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